Sunday, March 1, 2009

Salute or Quit

Generals in a meeting

IF Constantine Chiwenga and company do not want to salute Prime
Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, we patriotic Zimbabweans will not shed a tear
over that.

The people who voted for him will always salute him for the courage
and determination to guide Zimbabwe towards democracy and good governance.

The failure of the security chiefs to respect the people's will shows
lack of pragmatism on their part.This is surely a recipe of disater as this shows that they are taking ordinary Zimbabweans for granted.History has always shown that such arrogance againist the wishes of the masses is usually shortlived.

It also demonstrates that their master's degrees have done nothing to
their wisdom.

The only honourable thing for them is to resign for they have outlived
their usefulness. The people's army they head is not their personal

So they represent no one's interests. The soldiers are happy to get
meaningful salaries. To Tsvangirai, my advice is: continue to serve the
people well and you will win their hearts ultimately for the people hunger
for the good life that you have started to deliver.

We are behind our good leader.

Constantine Zvakwana

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