Friday, April 24, 2009

Mbeki's last hope dashed,indeed nothing is forever

I thought it was a lie that what goes around comes around,but now i believe it,as they say seeing is believing.Who could think that Mbeki could be humbled to such levels.I think even us the any other business we can now meet him in the streets and have coke with him because he is now part of us.But we told you Mbeki,your problem was caused by the way you handled the Zimbabwean case.You are liable for the prolonged suffering of the Zimbabweans because of your quite diplomacy.You chose to please people and defy God,see where this has left you former President ,Sir.

Leaders are chosen by God,but your problem is when you get the power you make yourselves demi-gods.You become demi-gods and start worshipping yourselves forgetting the creator.Look now Mr Mbeki you were recalled by your party and today the person you were harrassing and tormenting is seated where you didn't want him to sit.Last night Zuma was singing a song which made him a bit emotional,it says "noma vesidhubula ,noma vesibopa,siyaya,noma vesichaya siyaya",translated even if they shoot us,arrest us,beat us ,we are going forward.I really understand what Zuma meant ,he is the same man you harangued before the courts with all sorts of trumped up charges.You had people to blackmail him,you broke into his offices many many times,but he refused to throw in the towel.Zuma had no international community and many Presidents to back him except God and the people.Even the media had been swayed to Mr Mbeki's side naming Zuma all sorts of names.Zapiro became an instant celebrity overnight.Anyway let me leave that for another day.I want to explain why I am saying Mr Mbeki's hopes are dashed.

Rumours had it that Mr Mbeki was the brains behind COPE though he decided to take backstage,people were boasting that the party is well funded and hence will pull a suprise .A lot of heavy weights were attracted with the physical capacity ,please this is free advice,"even if you are building a skyscrapper without God involved it will be in vain."

If you are a national leader in Africa,my question to you is"Are you doing whatever you are doing for the good of the people or self serving",If you are self serving I can as well tell that its very short lived.You can never win againist masses.Zuma had no access to the government resources such as police,scorpions ,but he stood on the power of one.The truth shall always prevail.

I am saying Mr Mbeki's last hope is dashed because COPE is doomed.I say COPE is doomed because they have started off badly,so they are as well buried.Political parties in Africa always starts on a very high note,if you fail to make it first time you can as well fold your bags and retire.For democracy purposes I can say continue ,but I dont intend to raise your hopes.DA is even better because they have made their position clear that they just want to be opposition,and hence a watchdog of ANC which is good for the nation.Mr Mbeki I wrote to the press about your mistake in the Zimbabwean issue two weeks before you were sent packing,unfortunately being a nobody ,no one took notice.I think this is a lesson to those boasting with their might and power that nothing is forever.Think twice before its too late.

Finally I want to congratulate South Africa for a successful election which comes across as a beckon of hope to Africa.Africa shall surely rise from the dust of poor governance as inevitably a new crop of leadership is coming,bringing with it a better hope for transformed Africa.I had given hope on Africa,but I thank God for the new leaders who are ready to make Africa,a place of dignity,democracy and development.To President Designate ,Mr Zuma,congratulations ,you are called to sheperd the people South Africa not to cause them pain and sorrow,to make them happy and thankful to God for good leadership.Accomodate them all irrespective of race ,tribe or origin.

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