Monday, November 24, 2008

Mugabe must be re-sworn-Motlanthe

Local News
November 24, 2008 | By Gerald Harper |
South African President Kgalema Motlanthe has said President Robert Mugabe
must re-sworn at the same day when Prime Minister Designate Morgan
Tsvangirai is sworn - in his boldest statement to date that indicates that
South Africa does not recognize Mugabe as President of Zimbabwe.

He told a press briefing after holding talks with his Botswana counterpart
Ian Khama, "We agreed that with regards to Zimbabwe the next step really is
to ensure that we unblock the impasse for them to take amendment 19 through
the senate and the assembly, so that Mr Tsvangirai could be sworn in as
prime minister and Mutambara as the vice prime minister and Mugabe as the
president, so that once the three of them have been sworn in they can then
form an inclusive government."

President Ian Khama meets the Elders group
Botswana President Ian Khama met with members of the Elders group in
Johannesburg after they were refused entry into Zimbabwe on Saturday.

Former US President Jimmy Carter and ex-UN secretary general Kofi Annan were
to embark on a humanitarian mission to the strife-torn country, but were
denied visas by Mugabe's government.

Carter, Annan and Grace Machel, wife of former South African predisent
Nelson Mandela experienced first-hand accounts of the harrowing conditions
in Zimbabwe from refugees at the Central Methodist Church in downtown
Johannesburg. They are on a mission to assess the needs of ordinary
Zimbabweans and free up the flow of aid to the cholera-ravaged country.

The Elders Group have already held talks with the leader of the Movement for
Democratic Change (MDC), Morgan Tsvangirai, who is also in Johannesburg .
The MDC is at loggerheads with the ZANU-PF party, led by Mugabe, over the
allocation of Cabinet Ministers and other positions in a proposed unity

The Elders Group will hold talks with President Motlanthe in Johannesburg on
Monday about the situation in Zimbabwe.

Meanwhile, the Zimbabwean Government has been reported as saying that they
have not refused Annan and his group entry but that the Elders Group had not
proper arrangements for their visit.

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