Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Exiled Zimbabweans in Botswana held a successful meeting this weekend

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Concerned Zimbabweans in Botswana demonstrating

On January 10th 2009 Exiled Zimbabweans Platform(EPZ) was launched during a meeting held in the Botswana Capital, Gaborone. The people who attended were mainly Zimbabwean exiles and refugees in Botswana. It was a true success as activists travelled from around Botswana for the meeting. Elections were held to select the leadership of this organization and the following are the executive council members :

Chairman Simbarashe Chirimubwe
Vice Chairperson Patience Takaona(Fearless)
Secretary General Ndabazezwe Vicki
Vice Secretary Hapson H Mabika(reckless)
Treasurer Fisher Murambatsvina
Publicity Secretary M Nyathi
Assistants Kimberely Nyatsanga
John Mutsengi
Organizing Secretary Bronie Nhokwara
Assistant Alice Warasi(Cordless)
Security Bambanani Ndlovu

The organization's mandate shall be to lead and organise concerned Zimbabweans in Botswana to help build a new socio-economic and political dispensation in Zimbabwe. This shall be achieved through teamwork with other progressive organizations. All concerned Zimbabweans in Botswana have expressed grave concern with the implementation of the GPA signed on the 15th of September 2008 between political parties in Zimbabwe and feel that the results of the 29th March 2008 should be respected and hence become the basis for decision making.

There was unanimous agreement amongst the activists that South Africans have betrayed the ordinary Zimbabweans who from the early eighties have stood tirelessly with them until their independence, sharing the meagre resources that we had as ordinary Zimbabweans .
Today they are leading in the SADC region in xenophobic attacks against Zimbabweans, deportations and even sabotaging of the Zimbabwe talks by their government. They should cease to hide behind SADC and claim responsibility of the Zimbabwean plight.The new chairman of EZP was quoted as saying "South Africa is the cause of all the woes in SADC pertaining to Zimbabwe because they want to be a mediator and player at the same time. They have tried to do something but compared to their capability and capacity history will reckon that they have done nothing .Please South Africa remember that we are your brothers and sisters, history might judge you harshly in the future." The activists intend to petition the South African Embassy in Botswana very soon .

According to the activists Mugabe should be nabbed to the Hague if ever an opportunity arises, because there is a new leadership in Zimbabwe which can restore order and peace . Mugabe is the other stumbling block to a new Zimbabwe for all Zimbabweans in the political divide and hence the international community should do something promptly to save Zimbabwe from this dictatorship.

Exiled Zimbabweans Platform (EZP)
Contact +267- 71910712/+267-72966263

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