Thursday, January 22, 2009

MDC New Zealand salutes the MDC leadership for its stand on inclusive government

MDC Leader - Morgan Tsvangirai

Published : Thursday, January 22, 2009

The MDC in New Zealand wishes to lend its support to the principled stand taken by the MDC leadership and particularly by President Morgan Tsvangirayi and the negotiating team during what has been described as the darkest day in our history.

We are very saddened by Mutambara who epitomised the darkness of the day by blaming Morgan and declaring that Zimbabwe needs a new leadership.

This was a stab in the back, cruel and very selfish of him. It puts him in the same train with these blind leaders.

He appears all interested in power than solving the problems.

We are more than persuaded that history will indeed remember an old frail man who would rather sacrifice his entire nation to cholera, starvation, poverty and state brutality than give up power.

History will also remember men and women who chose to stand on the wrong side of history and feed on the blood and misery of women and children nation than to stand with the democratic forces of the world.

History will not cease to wonder how things could so fall apart that state security and even the judiciary, in its moment of weakness, have become accomplices to state repression for plasma TV sets and luxury vehicles.

We would like to assure Mr Tsvangirayi, MDC and the people of Zimbabwe that it is now time to unite and demand our freedom.

We find it mind boggling that heads of state could be that blind and uncaring to choose not to see the human rights violations in Zimbabwe.

A quick review of their position paper leaves anyone asking what the mediation they are doing when they are simply saying “sign the document and solve your problems later”.

It is clear that they are not interested in solving the problems but rather to push them aside and spend their time winning and dining. All they see and care for is Mugabe and Mugabe and Mugabe.

They are blind to the abductions, the murderous adventures Mugabe call campaigning and even the forged document they all gathered and witnesses on 15 September 2008. They have not even whispered a complaint.

We shall not be free because Mugabe or some politicians will have made us free but because we have declared ourselves a free nation. Let’s all stand together and declare ourselves free.

Once we believe we are created equal and that we are fully human then we can demand that freedom is not just for Americans but for all, that the same God who created Americans created us all in his image. We should whisper to one another and say “My friend, we are free and should be”.

We should hold each other give what it takes to be free in Zimbabwe. If we fear death then we shall starve to death of disease, tyranny and poverty. Let’s all rise and make a stand.

We have no admiration of SADC, and they should know that we shall be free one day. To the military junta in Zimbabwe we say we shall be free with or without you.

To the youth we say gird up your loins and, like the youth of the seventies who confronted and defeated racism, defend your motherland.

It’s no longer time to mourn and complain but to present ourselves for national duty.

To the Diaspora we challenge and question weather our conscience will ever be clear if we have our daily barbeques whilst our people are perishing. If we can’t stand in the trenches we can at least, monthly, skip a lunch for democracy.

Ladies and gentlemen, we stand charged by the future and history for doing nothing. Aluta continua, the struggle continues. Not a fist of oppression but an open hand of friendship.

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