Monday, January 12, 2009

Zanu PF running out of steam

12th Jan 2009 00:45 GMT

By Joyce Museka

Zanu PF is living on the strength of its record of violence, aleged mass
murder and intimidation as Zimbabwe descends into total economic, social and
political catastrophe.

Since the 29th of March 2008 Zimbabwe is living on the grace of God without
a government and in total paralysis exacerbated by rampant corruption of
president Mugabe's criminal cabal.

Robert Mugabe who clearly lost the ballot to MDC's Morgan Tsvangirai but
grabbed it by force has failed to form a government in the last nine months.

He clearly knows that the only man with the mandate of the people to put up
a government is Morgan Tsvangirai, but he has failed to, save for his his
barbaric rants of hate for the opposition.

Many people would wonder why Robert Mugabe has no mercy for the suffering
masses of Zimbabwe, this is not the first time that Mugabe's government has
shown no care for the common people.

During the liberation struggle many Zimbabweans were allegedly killed by
Mugabe's forces on false accusations of selling out and witchcraft.

For those of us who were old enough to recall the activities at "pungwe"
gatherings can bare testimonies to the bullying, maiming and raping that
went on.

The early years of independence witnessed one of the most brutal times
experienced by our people with the extermination of more than twenty
thousand people in Matebeleland and Midlands.

Mugabe's lies seems to have now hit a brick wall with many common
Zimbabweans realising that they have been taken for a ride. Today the
present political impasse in Zimbabwe is a result of pure insincerity on the
part of Zanu PF.

They lost the election but they still want to control the reigns of power.
The use of violence will not bring the food on the people's tables. There
are those who believe that the MDC should falter and allow Zanu PF to rule
the country by default, this is unfortunate, as this will be tantamount to
leaving the devil running away with the gospel in the eyes of the believers.

The MDC should stand firm and unequivocally demand its right to lead the
Zimbabweans as mandated by the people in the March 2008 ballot.

The scenario that we have today is that of a greedy political party that has
run out of options. It is sad to hear that Mugabe goes around blaming
cholera on Gordon Brown, the British Prime minister.

This is a sign of madness replica of the post liberation war uncontrolled
euphoria that brought us in to this predicament. All sane Zimbabweans know
that no one else but Mugabe is to blame for the present state of affairs.

There was need to put checks and balances on Zanu PF on the eve of
independence to prevent them from trampling on the people's liberties.

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